Going to the Beach
"When in Rome" as they say.. Fort Lauderdale is blessed with one of the best beaches in the world! The city does a wonderful job keeping our beaches safe and clean. Please do your part. Lifeguards are generally on duty during daylight hours. Watch for various warnings such as heavy surf or strong undertow. A red flag will indicate these conditions. If you are new to ocean swimming, remember that you can be carried out to sea by ocean currents (there are much better ways to get to The Bahamas.) A good tip is to pick a landmark on the beach (best not someone in a skimpy bathing suit, as they tend to move a lot) and keep your eye on it as a point of reference. If you're there to sunbathe (a nice way to say cruise the scenery) we strongly recommend using a sun block. If you have just arrived from the "Great White North" you may want to pace your exposure to the sun over the first few days. Nothing is worse than a bad case of sunburn or sunstroke and we don't want you spending the rest of your vacation in bed (..well, at least not alone!).

A1A & Sebastian St
Fort Lauderdale

A1A & NE 18th St
Fort Lauderdale

John U. Lloyd State Park
(south of the first parking lot)
Dania Beach
Local Gay Beach
The un-official Gay Beach begins at Sebastian Street and runs south from there about a block. This beach area is about a ten-minute walk south down A1A from the resort.
Nude Beach (mixed/gay)
Haulover State Park
Located midway between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Take US1 south from Ft. Lauderdale to Dania Beach Blvd. Take Dania Beach Blvd. east to the ocean, turning south on A1A. Take A1A past State Road 826 (Sunny Isle Causeway) to Haulover State Park. Parking is on the right side of the road, and there is a small admission fee. You walk through a tunnel under the road to reach the beach. The gay section is to the left (north) end of the beach.





Scuba Diving

Scuba Scotty - Dive Instruction and Tours

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